Tips to keep your Gym Bag smelling Fresh
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Tips to keep your Gym Bag smelling Fresh

Sweaty workout clothes/sneakers can leave your gym bag smelling unpleasant. Most of us wash our workout clothes regularly, but what about our Gym Bags? Majority of us rarely pay attention towards maintaining these bags. But remember, they need regular cleaning and washing as the damp, warm conditions are perfect for germs/bacteria to multiply.

Try out these simple hacks to keep your gym bag smelling fresh. You can use these tips on an old bag to bring it back to life or make your new bag last longer.

    • Air out the bag as and when possible. It is one of the easiest and best ways to avoid the foul smell from building up inside the bag. Allowing the fabric to breathe helps to get rid of unpleasant odor. 
    • Never leave your sweaty clothes/socks/sneakers inside the bag after a workout, as it allows the awful smell to linger around.
    • Tea Bags are a great way to kill the bad odor of the gym bags. Just drop some unused tea bags in the gym bag and leave them overnight. It will help you get rid of the odor in the bag. This trick works well on sneakers too.
    • Add a few drops of your favorite Essential Oil on any carrier object like a wool dryer ball or a microfiber cloth and place it inside the bag. Replace it as and when required.
    • Dryer Sheets can prove to be pretty handy. Just place a dryer sheet inside the gym bag to absorb the bad smell. Replace the sheet once the scent fades away.
    • Roll a few Newspapers and place them inside the bag. The newspaper will soak the smell that is building up inside. You can replace these papers after every few days.
    • Create your Disinfecting Wipe by mixing warm water with white vinegar and a few drops of essential oil. Spray this solution inside and outside the bag and give your bag a nice deep wipe. Don’t dampen the bag too much. Ensure to dry the bag after this. Essential oils like lemon/lavender gives a refreshing fragrance to your bag.
    • Buy a machine washable gym bag so you can wash it once in a while. But be cautious as many detergents do not work well on these bags. You can try adding half a cup of vinegar instead while washing.

You can use these tricks not just for your gym bags but for a duffle bag/bag pack or any other bag to get rid of bad adour.

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