How to Crack open a Coconut without Mess
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How to Crack open a Coconut without Mess

Taking the nutritious coconut water out of a coconut is a bit challenging. If you break the coconut using the hammer or a mallet, the coconut water gets spilled creating a mess. So, here is a simple trick for you.

Once you remove, the husk of the coconut, you will observe that most coconuts have three eyes on the top. Out of these three eyes, one is soft. You can poke the soft eye with a metal skewer or a knife and collect the water by turning the coconut upside down on the glass. If needed, shake the coconut a little to drain out all the water.

Removing the flesh of the Coconut

Getting rid of the coconut shell can be a daunting task. But the methods discussed here can make it quite simple. After draining out the water, break the coconut into two halves with the help of a hammer/mallet. Before whacking it, place a clean cloth underneath to avoid the coconut from slipping. Now hit it multiple times along the centerline with a hammer. This will help the coconut break into two halves, without much effort.

Once you have cracked the coconut into two halves, you can use any of the methods mentioned below to remove the coconut flesh from the shell.

    • Place the coconut halves in the hot water and leave it for about 10 minutes. Remove it from the water and let it cool. Now try to remove the coconut flesh from the shell. It will come out easily.
    • You can place the halved coconut in the freezer for about 2-3 hours. After removing it from the freezer, keep it outside for a few minutes, and then try to loosen it with the help of a knife. The coconut flesh will come out without any difficulty.
    • Another way is to heat the coconut on the gas flame for about 2-3 minutes. After removing, let it cool, and try releasing the coconut flesh with the help of a knife. It will come out with no trouble.

An extra tip for you. If you have extra coconut left, just grate/shred it and put it in the freezer. The coconut stays fresh for weeks and can be used in curries, dokhlas, or making cookies.

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