How to get rid of dust/chaff from a New Broom
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How to get rid of dust/chaff from a New Broom

It’s Messy! That’s what many of us feel when we buy a new Grass Broom. Grass Broom or Phool Jhadu is a broom used in the Indian household for cleaning dust from a dry floor. It can be used both indoors/outdoors.

When we buy the broom it comes with a lot of Dust/Chaff. These small particles can be seen the moment you shake it. If these dust particles aren’t removed properly, they create a bigger mess in the house instead of cleaning it. Hence to avoid this mess, you can try out this simple trick:

    1. Rub the broom/Jhadu with both hands, while it is still inside the plastic cover. This will help collect lot of dust particles inside the cover itself.
    2. After removing the plastic cover, hit the broom gently against the wall multiple times. This will again release a lot of dust particles.
    3. Next, take a comb with wide teeth and comb the broom gently with it. This will result in getting rid of a majority of the dust particles.

While using the broom, you will realize that there is barely any dust/chaff spreading around.

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