23 Jul, 2024

Simple tips to remove Sticky Labels from Glass Bottles

Many grocery items that we order come in Glass jars. Our refrigerator is full of jams, condiments, and beverages filled in glass containers. Reusing them is a cost-effective way to give a pleasant look to your kitchen. Honey/jam/wine/liquor bottles can be used for storing homemade pickles or other grocery items as these are transparent and […]

2 mins read

Tips on storing Silver to prevent Tarnish

Silver items always add beauty and elegance to any décor. Be it a dinnerware or a decorative piece, a pooja item or Jewellery, the beauty and shine of this precious metal is remarkable. Silver items usually get tarnished if not stored properly. Tarnish is discoloration or black film that can develop on silverware, making it […]

3 mins read

Ways to test the purity of Honey at Home

Most of us use Honey as an alternative to refined sugar. Honey is a sweet golden nectar that is known for its unique nutritional and therapeutic properties. It is no less than an Elixir for our body as it is rich in anti-oxidants, has immunity-boosting benefits, is antibacterial, antifungal, and has healing properties. It is a natural sweetener […]

4 mins read