23 Jul, 2024

Tips to keep Curry Leaves fresh for long

Curry leaf also known as Kadi Patta is one of the most common ingredients in Indian kitchens. Over the years, its usage has increased as people have started realizing the health benefits of this nutritious and conveniently available herb. Curry leaves are loaded with the goodness of antioxidants. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, and […]

2 mins read

Health benefits of blowing a Shankha

Shankha, also known as “Shankh” or “Conch Shell” holds immense importance in the Hindu religion. According to Hindu Mythology, it is a sacred emblem of Lord Vishnu. It comes from the Sanskrit words “Shum” which means “Something Good” and “Kham” which means “Water”. Therefore Shankham is a conch shell that holds the sacred water. Blowing […]

3 mins read