23 Jul, 2024

Ultimate Garlic Peeling Tricks

Garlic is a part of the regular diet for many people. It is one ingredient that turns the simplest dish flavorsome with its strong aroma and taste. It is used across the world in many cuisines as a seasoning or as a condiment. For centuries, it’s been known for its health benefits. These benefits range […]

3 mins read

Easy treatment for White fuzzy critters (Mealybugs) on your plants

If you notice that the plants in your garden are covered by snow-like white fuzzy stuff, they are most likely being attacked by Mealybugs. These insects attack a wide range of vegetation, including fruit trees, gardenias, citrus trees, flower beds, and house plants. Mealybug infestations are common. The insects may be present in the soil […]

3 mins read

Quick tips to deal with Minor Cuts and Wounds

Minor cuts and burns in the kitchen/while playing, or doing any other house chores is a common problem. So, why not heal these cuts/wounds with items commonly available in the kitchen. These natural ingredients can help heal minor cuts and wounds effectively, and quickly without leaving any marks. Turmeric (Haldi) Powder: An incredible home remedy […]

2 mins read