23 Jul, 2024

Indian Stock Market to move to T+1 Settlement Cycle in a phased manner

The Indian Stock Exchanges NSE and BSE will be implementing the T+1 settlement cycle in a phased manner starting from today i.e. 25th Feb 2022. This means that trade settlements will be done within one day of the transaction completion. Currently, trades on the Indian Stock Exchange are settled within two days i.e. T+2 settlement cycle is […]

3 mins read

Interesting Facts about BSE and NSE

The NSE and BSE are the leading stock exchanges of the Indian market. NSE stands for “National Stock Exchange”, and BSE stands for “Bombay Stock Exchange”. There is a huge difference in the volume traded in both the Exchanges resulting in price difference and liquidity. National Stock Exchange (NSE): National Stock Exchange was established in the year 1992. It bought an electronic exchange system in India that led to the removal of […]

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Simple ways to protect Dals/Food grains from insects at home

Storing food grains like wheat/rice/lentils/legumes in your kitchen is not that easy. Insects like weevils, pantry beetles, flour bugs, and ghuns (in Hindi) can easily attack them. Infestation of these insects can create a whole lot of nuisance and wastage. Given the on-going pandemic, we all try to store enough groceries to avoid stepping out now […]

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