Quick Tips to get rid of Fruit Flies in your Kitchen
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Quick Tips to get rid of Fruit Flies in your Kitchen

If you see tiny insects buzzing around your kitchen, it’s very likely that these are “Fruit Flies”. These annoying bugs can be a problem all year long, so its extremely important to get rid of them promptly. Though these flies don’t sting or bite, they can cause food borne illness by spreading bacteria from the contaminated food/place. When we buy veggies/fruits from a grocery store/market fruit flies might take a ride with us home in the form of eggs or larvae. Therefore, it’s best to wash the vegetables and fruits before storing them.

These insects easily get attracted to overripe bananas, potatoes, onions, or any other unattended fruits/veggies left on the counter. Although overripe fruits and vegetables are their breeding ground, they also breed in moist or damp places and fermenting stuff. Therefore it is important that you get rid of them before their infestation starts around the house.

Here are some quick tips for you to combat these invaders:

    • Take a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar or Balsamic Vinegar in a bowl. Now take a small plastic lid and make some holes in it. Place this lid on the bowl. The flies will get attracted towards the bowl and crawl in but won’t be able to crawl out. This remedy works as a great home trap for these insects.
    • Take some water in a bowl and add a few drops of Dish Wash Liquid. Now add about 2-3 tsp of Vinegar to it. Shake it well to make it foamy. Now leave this open in the place where you see flies frequently. The flies will fall in and drown.
    • Fruit Flies easily get attracted to Wine or Beer. Leave an open bottle of old wine/beer near the area where you spot fruit flies. The beverage will attract them. The narrow neck of these bottles acts as a natural trap for these insects.

Fruit Flies multiply very quickly. Therefore it’s best to keep them at bay. Here are a few tips that one should follow to avoid infestation of these insects:

    • Never leave damp kitchen towels/rags lying around after use. Put them for drying in an open place and wash them daily.
    • Avoid keeping ripe fruits on the counter. Always keep them in the refrigerator. The cold slows down the ripening process and also helps to avoid fruit flies.
    • Keep your kitchen sink and drain clean. Avoid piling up dishes in the sink. Try to give a water wash to the dishes before putting them in the sink to avoid any leftover food on them. Flush out the drainage properly. If you have a clogged drain, click here to find out some ways to get rid of it.
    • Ensure that your counter/tables/small appliances in the kitchen are clean. Any spillage/residue on them will allow these insects to infest.
    • Never toss a ripe/damaged fruit/veggie in an open bin. Instead, place the rotten fruit/veggie in a sealed bag/covered waste container.
    • Keep an eye for rotten veggies in your kitchen. A single rotten potato/ onion can breed thousands of fruit flies.
    • Raw Basil leaves are a fantastic natural repellent. You can either place a basil plant in your kitchen near the fruit bowl or sprinkle basil leaves in the bowl where you store fruits.
    • Fruit flies hate strong smells. You can pour some Lavender oil/cedar oil on cotton balls and place them near the fruit basket to avoid these flies.
    • Discard your kitchen garbage daily. Ensure that the garbage box and the nearby area are kept clean. See that there are no spills near it. If you sense some foul smell, you can burn camphor in that area. The strong aroma of camphor will not only help you get rid of bad odor but also keep the flies at bay.

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