23 Jul, 2024

How to Clean Head Showers?

Showerheads in your home can get dirty over time and can cause mineral deposits leading to improper flow of water. To ensure the perfect flow it should be maintained properly. Mineral deposits like limescale can build up and can cause the nozzle to squirt water in all directions/reduce the power of the jets or create […]

2 mins read

Cold-Pressed Oil or Refined Oil, What’s your choice?

Fats are an important part of our daily diet, and hence should be chosen wisely. Picking the right oil is essential for maintaining a healthy life. Preference should be given to oil that is extracted through a process that does not involve the use of chemicals. For this reason, many families have started replacing refined […]

5 mins read

Tips for Cleaning Microwave

Microwaves are quiet popular in many houses as it makes cooking quicker and easier. However, regular cleaning and maintenance of this kitchen appliance is necessary to make it work flawlessly. It also helps avoid staining or any unpleasant smell building up inside. If you do not have the time to clean it daily, try doing […]

2 mins read

For the Love of Chocolate…..Yours and Mine

I can have another bite…that’s what my taste buds says every time I eat chocolate. My heart and mind are always in conflict when I see chocolate. While my heart shouts, go for it, my mind says…watch out…calories!!! This voice leaves me muddled, and with every bite, the war gets tougher…. I am sure every […]

7 mins read