23 Jul, 2024

How to Crack open a Coconut without Mess

Taking the nutritious coconut water out of a coconut is a bit challenging. If you break the coconut using the hammer or a mallet, the coconut water gets spilled creating a mess. So, here is a simple trick for you. Once you remove, the husk of the coconut, you will observe that most coconuts have […]

2 mins read

What is a Stock Split?

A stock split is a corporate action undertaken by an entity to divide the existing shares into multiple new shares in order to boost liquidity. Although, the number of shares outstanding increases, the total value of the portfolio pre-split and post-split remains unchanged. A Stock split is done by a publicly-traded company. When a company […]

4 mins read

Some Interesting and Less known facts about Tea

A Piping hot cup of Tea in the morning is a perfect way to kick start my day. It’s not just a cup of tea, it’s almost a ritual. I am sure most Tea Lovers can relate to it. It is one drink that connects people and is treasured beyond limits. A hot cup of tea is loved not […]

5 mins read