Some Clever ways to use “Silica Gel Packs”
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Some Clever ways to use “Silica Gel Packs”

Do you through away the Silica gel packs that come with shoe boxes, bags, electronics, food containers, and other consumer goods. If yes, check out these super clever tricks you would love to try, instead of throwing them away.

For all who don’t know, Silica gel is not a gel but a porous, granular, man-made form of Silicon dioxide. It is naturally occurring and can be found everywhere. The main area for its application is using it as a drying agent. It is used in many industries including, the energy sector, clothing, footwear, and transportation industry.

The primary purpose of Silica gel is to absorb moisture and keep humidity from affecting products during storage and transport. So, next time you find it in your shoe bag/consumer goods, save these handy packs and try putting them to use with these super cool tips.

    • If your Phone gets exposed to moisture, try placing the phone along with a silica gel pack in a zip bag. It can help save your phone instead of the traditional method of putting it in a rice bag.
    • If your Razor Blades get dull quickly due to moisture, store the razor with silica gel in a plastic bag/container. It will help your razor work well.
    • Placing silica gel in your Gym Bag can help keep the musty odour at bay.
    • Old photos are great memories. One can avoid them from getting ruined by placing silica gel in the box/container where they are stored.
    • Keeping a Bag of Toiletries/used Clothes in the bathroom exposes them to a lot of moisture. Try placing a couple of silica gel packs in the bag to avoid a nasty smell.
    • You can avoid the unpleasant smell of the Unused Clothes by placing silica gel in the cupboard/box where you store them.
    • Placing silica gel packs in your Tool Kit can help avoid rusting.
    • Avoid Silverware tarnishing by storing silica gel packs with them.
    • One can avoid Laundry Detergent Clumping by placing silica gel in the box.
    • Placing Silica gel packs on Book Shelves can help evade the musty smell.
    • You can use these gel packs to keep Pet Food in good condition. If you are placing the silica gel in a food container, it’s best to stick it on the lid to avoid any mishap.
    • To keep your Shoes/Handbags in good condition, place gel bags inside the shoes/closets.
    • Place some silica gel packs in your Car to avoid any musty smell.

For how long can I use it?

If the color of the silica gel changes to pink, it indicates it has reached its maximum absorption capacity and should be recharged. Usually, a silica gel pack can last for 1-2 years, but eventually, it depends upon the humidity of the environment. But the good news is that you can recharge these desiccant multiple times. For doing this:

    • Open the packet and pour the content into a microwavable container, placing the baking paper in it.Never put the sealed pack in the microwave for rechraging.
    • Heat the beads at 250 degree F until they have turned to their original color. Allow them to cool down before you touch them.
    • Now, pour them into an air-tight container and use them as and when required.
    • While reusing, see that you seal the bag properly to avoid any spilling.You can use Organza bags to resure the recharged beads.

Precautions/Danger with Silica Gel

Though Silica gel is Non-toxic, there is a warning written on it “Throw Away, Do not Eat”. It is due to the below reasons:

    • Silica gel can cause irritation/redness to the skin.
    • Breathing in Silica gel can cause lung irritation, coughing, and shortness of breath for some people.
    • It can cause severe pain/irritation if it comes in contact with the eyes.
    • Though it is Non-toxic, it can cause choking hazards for young kids/pets. Therefore it is important to keep it out of reach of children.
    • If the silica gel packet has a blue color indicator, it means it contains Cobalt dichloride or other toxic additions. Cobalt dichloride is carcinogenic (known to cause cancer) and is harmful to the reproductive system. Call for medical assistance immediately, in case you or any family member gets exposed to it.

If the packet gets spilled, do not flush the spilled products in a man-hole, waterways like rivers, canals, or municipal sewage. Collect it in a separate box, label it and dispose it.

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  1. Amazing.. I never knew these small silica bag can be used so widely.. Thanks for such useful information.

  2. Wow…we didn’t even know it could be of so much use, won’t throw it away from now on, I’ll keep,.
    Thank u so much ruchi for sharing this kind of information with us..🙏🥴


  3. Useful info. I never knew this has so many uses. Next time before disposing them, I shall think twice about its uses and make use of it accordingly

      1. Yeah, they are actually pretty useful.And, the best part it you can reuse them.The tiny packs can be recharged by placing in natural sun light too.

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