Dealing with Cockroaches?
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Dealing with Cockroaches?

Hello readers, in a previous blog I had shared some easy home remedies to deal with ant menace (Source article). Many readers requested to share tips to deal with cockroaches. So, I have listed down some ways to get rid of these scary and persistent creatures. Personally, I am extremely scared of cockroaches, so I ensure that there is not a single one fluttering around the house.

Once these invaders enter our home, they are there in the kitchen sink, the cabinets, electrical appliances, storage etc…. They are just everywhere.

You can try the below remedies to avoid infestation of these filthy creatures-

    • Bay leaves: Place Bay leaves around the house where you see cockroaches frequently. Bay leaves prove to be very helpful in keeping insects away. You can also make powder out of these leaves and sprinkle it wherever required.
    • Neem oil/ Neem leaves: These are also very useful in keeping cockroaches and several other insects away. You can add few drops of Neem oil in water and sprinkle it around the house at night or crush neem leaves, make a powder and sprinkle it at places where you see cockroaches frequently. Neem is said to have components that helps in killing cockroaches.
    • Vinegar: Take Vinegar in a bottle and add few drops of peppermint oil to it. Roaches hate the strong smell of peppermint and hence this helps in keeping them at bay.
    • Garlic powder/ Cayenne pepper powder: You can use these individually or mix them and sprinkle at places where you see cockroaches frequently.
    • Lemon juice mixed with water is a natural disinfectant. The smell of lemon repels cockroaches and hence is very effective.
    • Boric acid is one of the best remedies. Mix boric acid (available at chemist shops) and Maida/ Atta(flour) along with sugar in equal quantity and make a dough out of it. Now make small balls out of this dough and dry it in the fan/ sun light. Once dried up, place these balls in your cabinets, near/ under electrical appliances/ near kitchen sink. The roaches will get attracted to smell of sugar and once they eat it, the boric acid will help you get rid of them.

You can also sprinkle Boric powder at different places around the house. It is a very effective way of getting rid of roaches but one should be extremely cautious while using it as it is a poisonous chemical. One should avoid using it if there are kids or pets in the house.

Besides the above remedies, below are a few additional pointers to keep roaches away:

    • Always keep your Kitchen and home clean. A clean home is the best way to prevent cockroaches. Simple habits like cleaning the food crumbs and spills immediately, wiping the kitchen counter with disinfectant at night, keeping the kitchen sink empty at night, storing food in air tight containers, keeping the trash can clean and disposing trash everyday can help you keep them away.
    • These creatures take shelter in cardboard boxes and newspaper stacks. So, keep a check where you store these. Cockroaches breed in these items so it’s best to stock them wisely or get rid of them. Besides, dispose the clutter that you are not using as this leaves less room for roaches to hide.
    • See that the cracks and crevices are sealed properly as it provides roaches with a good place to hide.
    • Moisture in areas like the kitchen sink also attract these bugs. Ensure that all such places are kept dry and any leakages repaired to prevent these creatures from dwelling in such areas.

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