Some Amazing Kitchen Hacks for you
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Some Amazing Kitchen Hacks for you

Do you get tears while chopping Onions? Well! You can avoid it by keeping the onion for about 4-5 minutes in the freezer. Another way to avoid tears while chopping onion is to cut it in a bowl of water. Also, don’t forget to wash it thoroughly before cutting.

Fruits like grapes and strawberries are consumed without peeling and hence carry the risk of germs and pesticides being present on the surface. The use of saline water can help you avoid consuming these health hazards. Always soak such fruits in salt water for about 1-2 hours before consuming them.

You can increase the shelf life of Lemons if stored properly. After washing, dry the lemons and put them in the zip pouch/ airtight box. I prefer a zip pouch as it occupies less space and is transparent.

The sieve that you use for tea turns black over time if not cleaned properly. One of the easiest ways to get rid of the dust stuck up in it is to heat the sieve at a low flame for about 10 seconds and then rub it with a brush. The sieve will get clean without any hassle. Ensure that the sieve that you are heating is not a plastic one.

If ants are eyeing your sugar box, just keep one or two cloves in the box. The ants won’t go near it.

When you pressure cook dal, sometimes the water spreads out during whistle, making your gas stove and the surrounding place messy. You can avoid it by applying ghee to the inner rim of the lid.

If the milk spills out of your vessel while boiling it, one of the best ways is to apply ghee on the rim of the cookware. Another way is to keep a wooden spatula horizontally on the vessel. The spatula will prevent the milk from flowing out. Placing a wooden spatula can also come to your rescue while cooking Kadhi or any other curry which can get spilled while boiling.

Rubbing the scissors or knife on the neck of the glass bottle will help sharpen a blunt knife/scissor.

Wrapping Bananas with cling wrap can help the kitchen flies away and keeps the bananas fresh for a longer time.

To keep your chopping board clean, rub it with coarse salt and massage it with half a lemon. This combination will help you get rid of any foul smell or deposit on it.

One of the best ways to clean your Tawa/Pan is to cut a lemon in half, pierce a fork into it and rub the lemon on the Tawa while the gas stove is on. The heat and lemon will burn away all the deposit/sticky/hard stains and make the Tawa clean.

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