Some Unusual and Smart uses of Chalk
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Some Unusual and Smart uses of Chalk

Chalks are mainly associated with classroom blackboard, drawing a hopscotch game, etc. But this trivial handy helper cannot be restricted just to classrooms. There are some really intriguing and genius uses of chalks around your home.

    • Drawing a line of chalk/sprinkling some chalk powder near the place from where the ants enter helps to keep Ants at bay
    • If you have Grease/Oil stain on your clothes, rub some chalk on the stain and leave it for some time. Later dust away the excess chalk and put it for laundry. It should be able to absorb oil and make it easy to get rid of the stain.
    • To prevent a Musty Smell in your Cupboard, hang a small bag of chalks. It will absorb the moisture and help avoid unpleasant odors.
    • Chalk helps to absorb moisture and hence prevents Silver from Tarnishing. Wrap it in a cheesecloth and put it in the bag/box where you store silverware.
    • To avoid the Screwdriver from slipping, rub the chalk at it’s head. It will create enough friction and prevent it from slipping.
    • Always place some chalk pieces in your Toolbox.It will absorb excess moisture and avert rusting.
    • If your Door Key keeps sticking inside the lock, rub the chalk piece along the teeth and tip of the key. It will absorb the moisture inside the lock and help the mechanism run smoothly.

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