Quick tips to deal with Minor Cuts and Wounds
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Quick tips to deal with Minor Cuts and Wounds

Minor cuts and burns in the kitchen/while playing, or doing any other house chores is a common problem. So, why not heal these cuts/wounds with items commonly available in the kitchen. These natural ingredients can help heal minor cuts and wounds effectively, and quickly without leaving any marks.

    • Turmeric (Haldi) Powder: An incredible home remedy is to use a generous amount of Turmeric Powder on the wound. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and hence is very effective. It is also very helpful in stopping the flow of blood, besides preventing infection.
    • Sugar: This is another effective remedy that helps to clot the blood. This is very effective, especially for small cuts in the mouth or on the tongue. Sugar crystals absorb liquid and hence stem bleeding. Though turmeric is equally effective in such circumstances, as the taste of raw turmeric is not palatable, sugar works better for oral wounds.
    • Honey: Applying honey after cleaning the cut/wound is very helpful as it has anti-bacterial properties.
    • Aloe vera gel: It provides instant relief from burning and itching sensations. While packaged aloe vera gels are commonly available in the market, one can also use the gel extracted from the plant directly, if it is available in your home. To extract the gel, pluck the leaf, scrape off the thorns and cut out a thin slice from the surface. Then the gel can be scooped out of the leaf. This gel can be applied directly to the wound.
    • Raw Potato: It is very effective for small cuts/burns as it is anti-inflammatory. It is also helpful in preventing scars. Grate a raw potato and apply it to the wound. You can also squeeze the juice out and apply it using a cotton ball.
    • Tea Bags: Tea bags have astringent properties and hence work well. Simply place the tea bag on the cut/wound and let it rest for some time. For best results, use Chamomile tea as it has anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties. After washing the wound, mix a few drops of tea tree oil in water. Dip a cotton ball in this solution and dab it on the wound.


    • These remedies are effective for minor cuts and wounds. In case the wound is deep, consult your doctor immediately.
    • Check the wounds and cuts daily to see if there are any signs of infection/redness/swelling. If any of these exist, go for medical help without delay.
    • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients or develop skin irritation after use, stop using them immediately.

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  1. All remedies suggested by you are handy & easily available in our house. Very good information.

  2. Very useful remedies, specially these days when immediate medical aid may not be available due to the pandemic

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