Few Suprising Alternative uses of Fabric Softener
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Few Suprising Alternative uses of Fabric Softener

The fresh and cozy fragrance of a Fabric Softener is pretty soothing. Did you know that there are multiple ingenious uses for this household product? Here are some surprising tricks for using it other than laundry.

      • Fabric softener is a great way to banish the nasty smell from your toilets. Just pour a cup of fabric softener inside the toilet tank. Each time you flush, it will release a refreshing aroma and leave your bathroom smelling great.
      • Since it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, it is pretty helpful in cleaning the wooden furniture in the house. It helps remove the dirt and minor stains without damaging the surface.
      • It works great for cleaning carpets and room runners. Just fill a spray bottle with warm water and fabric softener and spray it on the carpet/room runner. After a few minutes, wash it off with a steam carpet cleaner. It shall remove all the dirt and leave your carpet/room runner smelling wonderful.
      • To make your bathroom glass doors and faucets look clean and sparking, try using a solution of warm water and fabric cleaner. It will help remove all the water/soapy stains. For more tips on maintaining a clean bathroom, visit Easy tips and tricks for a stain-free Bathroom.
      • Fabric softeners are extremely helpful in removing old wallpapers. Soak the wallpaper with soapy water. Mix 1-2 cap fabric conditioners with about a liter of water. Spray the wall with this solution and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Later scrape it. The wallpaper will come off without much effort.
      • Pet hair stays in the carpets no matter how many times you vacuum them. To get rid of these, mix water and fabric softener in a ratio of 2:1. Spray this solution on the carpet and vacuum after some time. It helps to get rid of pet hair more effectively.
      • A mix of water and fabric softener is also effective in cleaning glass tables. It also keeps dust from settling on the surface for long.
      • After using a paintbrush, you can keep it soft and supple by rinsing it with a solution of water and fabric softener. Wipe the bristles dry and store them. The paintbrush will be smooth when you use it next time.
      • You can create your Home Freshener by making a solution of water and fabric softener. Spray it around the house on curtains/decorative flowers, carpets, etc. It is a simple and great way to give a soothing and refreshing touch to your home.
      • Wipe down the inside of your car with a solution of water and fabric softener. It not only helps remove dirt but also leaves your car smell amazing.

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