Drinking Coconut water? Tips to choose the right one
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Drinking Coconut water? Tips to choose the right one

Coconut water is a pretty popular beverage due to its nutrient-rich properties. The natural juice found inside tender coconut is packed with essential minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants. It is low in calories, fat free and has a sweet flavor. Coconut water is a wonderful way to hydrate yourself and nourish your body. It can be bought easily from the local vendors, super markets and online stores.

There are many different kinds of coconut green, orange or brown. The different color of coconut depends upon its ripeness. Green coconuts which are unripe have more water in them while the brown ones have more meat.

While choosing the coconut, keep the following tips in mind:

    • If you want more water, choose for coconut that is round in shape.
    • Coconuts with oblong shape will have more malai/coconut flesh.
    • Tell the coconut seller/vendor exactly what you are looking for (more water or flesh) to make the right pick and follow the tips below.

Tips to choose the right coconut:

    • Always choose a young green coconut that is firm and heavy in size.
    • The husk color should be consistent green without many patches. Avoid picking the ones with yellow-green, brown patches as they are likely to be mature or stale.Too much of patchy area indicates that the coconut is getting overripe.
    • Inspect the husk, for any damage or discoloration. Ensure that there are no visible cracks on the surface.
    • Never pick a green pre husked coconut that has any molds growing on them or are discolored. Even if there are molds on the husk, avoid buying them as bacteria can get absorbed inside and contaminate the water and meat.
    • Hold the coconut near your ear and shake vigorously. If the coconut is a young green one, it should not make any noise as it will be filled with water. If you hear liquid sloshing around, it is too mature.
    • Look for coconut that is round and not oblong. Coconuts start off small and round when they begin growing and get oblong as they mature. Compare the shape of the coconuts visually and try to pick the round ones.
    • If you are buying green pre husked coconuts, choose the ones that are white and have pointed tops and flat bottoms. Try and pick from a place that keeps coconut wrapped in fresh wraps as they are safer to use.
    • Check the stem of the coconut. Press it to check for any soft spots or molds. Flip the coconut over and check the bottom. Smell the coconut to check for any musty, moldy odor.

For removing water

    • Use a sharp and sturdy knife to make a small cut on top of the coconut.
    • This will help create a small hole to either insert the straw or pour the water out in a glass.
    • You can drill a hole using a coconut opener. Coconut opener (available online) has a round hole that punches straight through the coconut husk so you can drain the water easily. Set the coconut opener in the middle of the stem and push it into the coconut. Twist and pull back the opener so as to drink water from the hole.

For removing the meat

    • Hold the coconut firmly in one hand.
    • Use a large knife to make a cut around the middle portion. Make sure that the movement of the knife is firm and choppy.
    • Once you have made the cut all the way around the coconut, twist the two halves apart.
    • Use a scooper to remove the flesh from the coconut.

Storing the tender coconut:

    • Once you have bought the coconut, an unopened young coconut can last up to 1 to 2 weeks at room temperature.
    • If you remove the coconut water and store in the fridge, it can last upto 2 days but its best to consume it immediately.

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