Simple ways to find out if the Egg is fresh
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Simple ways to find out if the Egg is fresh

Eggs are comfort food. They are part of everyday meals and are considered super healthy. One can make a variety of breakfast using eggs ranging from Sunnyside up to popular egg bhurji or a yummy omelet to egg salad. When you are short of time, it is one food that can be cooked quickly and without much hassle.

Due to our busy schedules, many of us find it difficult to step into a grocery store, so we order groceries online. But it is extremely important to ensure that the stuff that we buy online is fresh. So, how to check if the egg that is bought online is fresh or stale?

Always check the expiry date/best before date before buying the eggs. Most people miss checking it. Checking the expiry date helps you understand for how long the eggs can be stored and used. Other ways to ensure you that the egg you bought is fresh are:

    • The Smell of an Egg is the easiest way to detect if it is bad. If there is an eggy smellit is fresh. If it has a pungent smell, get rid of it immediately.
    • When you crack open an egg, and the yolk sits in the center of the plate along with egg white sitting closely to the yolk, the egg is fresh. If the egg is runny, loose, or watery, it is stale. Avoid consuming such an egg.
    • Place the egg in a bowl of water. If it sinks it is fresh. If it floats, it is bad because a large pocket is formed at the base.

Key Tips for Eggetarians:

The way eggs are stored is extremely important to increase their shelf life and keep them fresh. Hence one needs to take care of the below pointers:

    • Always refrigerate the eggs as it increases their shelf life and reduces the chances of bacterial growth.
    • If possible, buy eggs from a store that keeps the eggs at a cooler temperature. Eggs stored at room temperature has a reduced shelf life than the ones stored in a refrigerated/cooler environment
    • Always keep eggs away from direct sunlight.
    • Never use dirty or cracked eggs. Cracked/dirty eggs shells are a perfect foil for bacterial infection and can contaminate other food.
    • Never wash eggs. Eggs become porous when they are wet and this makes an easy entry for bacteria inside the shell.
    • Always use the First-in-First-out method while using eggs. Eggs bought first should always be consumed first.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after handling an egg.

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