Drink water the Ayurvedic way: Use Copper Vessels
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Drink water the Ayurvedic way: Use Copper Vessels

With increasing health awareness, we all know that drinking water every day in the right quantity is really important for having an active lifestyle. Just as drinking water is vital, so is storing it in the right vessel as it has significant long-term benefits to one’s health.

Several options are available in the market for storing water. People usually use plastic or steel bottles/vessels as they are affordable, easy to use, and maintain. Some use glass or aluminium vessels too. But Copper vessels/ bottles are the healthiest options.

Let us understand why?

Copper is one of the essential minerals required by our body. Though needed in small quantities, it is important for the proper functioning of organs and the metabolic process. Storing water overnight in a copper vessel and drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning can be extremely beneficial.

Copper is known as Jewel of the Kitchen and has been in use for more than six thousand years. It has antibacterial and disease-fighting properties which have made it quite popular for ages.

In Ayurveda, copper is known to have many health benefits. Ayurveda places copper among the most important nutrients as it can balance all three elements in our body:

    • VATA: The energy of movement which governs breathing, blinking, muscle, and tissue movement, pulsation of heart, etc.
    • PITTA: The energy which governs digestion, absorption, transformation, or reformation of everything that enters the body.
    • KAPHA : The energy which governs lubrication and structure of bones, muscles, and tendons.

If Vata, Pitta, and Kapha keep flowing smoothly in our bodies, we stay healthy. If any dosh exists, we tend to fall ill.

Benefits of using copper vessel/bottle

    • Copper is a natural sterilizer. It has an oligodynamic effect on the water stored in it. This means that it kills bacteria and microorganisms that are present in the water thus giving you clean and healthy water.
    • It helps in boosting your body’s immune system and supports good health.
    • It has antioxidant properties that reduce the risk of many diseases.
    • It is anti-inflammatory and can be helpful for people suffering from arthritis.
    • Drinking water stored in a copper vessel overnight helps in stimulating bowel movement and keeps the digestive system healthy. It is also said to help boost metabolism.

Using copper Vessels properly

Though using copper vessels have great benefits, it is extremely important that they are used in the right way to derive maximum benefit. Just as deficiency of copper is harmful to our body so is excessive consumption. Here are some tips to be kept in mind while using copper vessels:

    • After buying a copper vessel, always rinse it with an acidic mixture for proper cleaning.
    • Let the water rest in the vessel/bottle overnight and consume it in the morning. However, if the water is stored for too long, it might develop an unpleasant taste as excessive copper has leached into the water.
    • Use copper vessel for about 3 months and then take a break for a month to prevent excess copper from being consumed.
    • Avoid pouring hot water directly into the vessel as it causes the water to absorb too much of copper.
    • Never store citrus juices, acidic liquids, or aerated soft drinks in a copper vessel as metal can react with these and create toxins.

Maintaining a copper vessel

Copper is prone to oxidation hence needs careful maintenance. Copper reacts with the oxygen present in the air and forms a copper oxide, resulting in loss of shine of the vessel. Below are some tips for maintaining such vessels:

    • Use a combination of salt and fresh lime juice/ tamarind paste to clean it (Instead of disposing of the left-over tamarind after making a puree, the same can be used for cleaning copper vessels).
    • You can also use a combination of salt, vinegar, and baking soda.
    • Another option is to use salt and lemon. Take some salt in a bowl, cut a lemon in half, rub it into the salt and then clean the surface with the lemon.

Always rinse the vessel thoroughly after using any of the above. Later wipe the vessel with a clean cloth to prevent stains. Cleaning the vessel properly will help you remove the thin green layer formed on the surface known as Patina/ Verdigris.

Some pointers on judging the authenticity/purity of a copper vessel

Verifying the authenticity of a copper vessel is difficult. The market is flooded with fake or adulterated products. Below are a few tips for judging the authenticity of a copper vessel:

    • Always buy copper vessels from a reputed manufacturer. Check for a NABL certificate (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) to see if the copper used is pure.
    • You can check the authenticity by placing a small magnet on the surface of the vessel. If the magnet sticks, the vessel is not made of copper.
    • Copper is a relatively heavy metal. While comparing vessels of similar size, the heavier vessel is likely to have higher purity.
    • Pure copper is slightly expensive. So, avoid the value trap of cheap vessels as they may not be authentic.
    • Copper vessels made from hammered metal are stronger and have better thermal conductivity than ones made from flat sheets. Hammered copper vessels will have a distinct dimpled surface.
    • The color of the copper vessels tells you a lot about it’s authenticity. When you clean the vessel with a mixture of salt and vinegar, the vessel will eventually get oxidized. A greenish layer formed on the vessel is an indication that the vessel you are using is made of copper.

A good variety of copper vessels are available in stores as well as online. Choose the right one and enhance the health benefits of the water you drink.

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