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Ink stain on your Fabric? Know how to get rid of it.

Getting rid of Ink stains from clothes is definitely challenging. But we have several products available at home that can be extremely helpful.

The first thing you need to remember is to treat the stain immediately. The longer it sits on the fabric, the more difficult to treat it. Never wash the fabric before removing the stain as it will only multiply your trouble.Also, avoid putting the stained cloth in the washing machine because the heat will make it permanent.

Remember,wet ink is always easier to get rid off than dry ink. If the stain is wet, use a dry paper towel to blot the ink. Never rub the stain with a paper towel or cloth.Try any of the home remedies discussed below to get rid of Ink stains.

    • One of the simplest solutions is using a dollop of Toothpaste. Just take some toothpaste on the toothbrush and rub it on the cloth. Leave it for some time. Later wash it with regular detergent. Ensure not to use water on the mark before applying toothpaste.
    • Another way is to rub the stain with some Salt and soak the stained part of the fabric in Milk overnight. Later wash the cloth with soapy water.
    • Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer can also do wonders (But don’t forget to read the instructions on the fabric before applying anything.). Apply the available products to the affected area with a cotton swap and let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Later, dab it with a paper tissue. If you see ink coming out, continue to dab. If not, pour some more rubbing alcohol and let it rest. Repeat the process.Later wash it.
    • Methylated spirit can prove extremely helpful in removing stains. Just soak some cotton balls in it and dab the stain with these balls. Leave these balls on the stain for some time. The cotton ball with absorb the ink. Replace this cotton ball with a fresh one. Later wash the cloth with warm soapy water.

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